ruche love & december outfits

I've said it before (maybe) and I'll say it again: I am not a wealthy girl. But hey, I live in New York City, so I'm doing okay. I just have to find alternative (and free) ways to get my kicks. Sometimes I get mine window shopping.

I window shop on Ruche quite frequently. I already think about one day having cause to purchase one of their really lovely and affordable wedding gowns. That's a long way off, though, of course :) but a girl came dream...

Their day-to-day stuff is equally as magnificent though, which is why I love them so much! Here are two outfits I picked out with items I found exclusively at Ruche! And here they are:
Clockwise, from top right: necklace, purse, skirt, shoes, top

I am dying to add that plaid skirt to my wardrobe. I recently became aware of how excellent midi skirts are. Mini skirts are great. Maxi skirts are lovely. But midi skirts are the tops.

Clockwise from top right: clutch, earrings, dress, shoes, shawl

And, I never thought I'd have a place in my heart for faux fur, but I also just really, really adore the Paddington shawl. It just looks so classy and soft and comfy and warm and . . . well, you get the idea.

I can imagine wearing the second outfit to a really fancy dinner or a really fancy show, after having worn the first outfit during the day, visiting bookstores and holiday markets and drinking coffee and eating scones.

Mmm... scones.

What's your favorite shop at which to gaze longingly through the window (or computer screen)?



  1. Lovely finds! I am also scrimping and saving these days, but Ruche is a great way to pass the time dreaming of one day owning beautiful things :)


    1. Jenni,

      I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for reading :)