diy incense holder

For whatever reason I have always been averse to buying incense holders. I've come into possession of a few over the years but I don't think I've ever spent money on one. There are some pretty beautiful holders out there, but I guess it's always seemed like a bit of a waste to me.

By the same token, I always find myself without one, when I need one! I don't burn incense often, but when I do, I can't wait. I used to just stick an incense stick into an orange and place the orange in a bowl. It was effective but not very attractive.

Then I made this one and it's been working out great so far!
Here's what you will need: a small glass container, small rocks (I got mine from Michael's, you may remember them from this craft), a small ball of polymer clay and, of course, incense.
Press the clay into the bottom of your container.
Pour your rocks over the top.
Then stick your incense in deep enough so that it's held in place by the clay.

And, well, that's basically it guys. If the air is still in your room, the incense ashes will fall onto the rocks. If it's not still, you can place the whole thing on a plate, or a surface that won't be damaged by the ash.

I know I don't have to remind you to never leave a burning incense (or candle!) unattended.

This craft is very simple and very versatile. Plus, when you don't need it anymore, you can still use the rocks and clay for something else!


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