my dream kitchen

I spend a lot of time fantasizing about what my future apartment or house will look like. It can be very depressing when I'm longing for a bright, sunny, white kitchen and I go home every day to a dark kitchen with virtually no natural light.

So, I have to get my kicks from browsing photographs of other people's perfect kitchens and hoping against hope that I can get into my own place sooner rather than later.
As I mentioned above, I really love white for a kitchen. I like a very clean kitchen. VERY clean (I get that from you, Mom!). And white just seems like the easiest way to see dirt. 
I also love green accents. I've always loved the look of apple green subway tile!
My dream kitchen would most definitely boast a wood stove. We never had one in our house growing up because there was no place to put one, but plenty of our extended family and friends in Maine had them. There's nothing better than the toasty heat of a wood stove in the winter time. I even know a number of people who cook exclusively on theirs. 
I love everything rustic and timeless. I'm always dreaming of a farmhouse or straw-bale house constructed in the center of my own hunk of land, far from neighbors and noise. I've never lived where it wasn't fairly noisy at most times of day. Even in Maine our street was pretty busy, especially in summer.

One day . . . for now it's just a dream to pass the time!

Peace & love,

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