zombie houses

Last night I had one of my zombie dreams. It was one of those dreams where I was thinking and dreaming at the same time. I was thinking about a great treehouse design. The house was built in a huge tree and was big enough to house several people. The only way from the ground was to climb up a rope.

Zombies can't climb trees, that's what my dream was about. It got me thinking about tree houses you could live in, or other kinds of houses that might be good in a zombie apocalypse, that you don't see so often. Like great houseboats, or stilt houses or, the obvious choice, island homes.
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Those stilt houses look a little broken up, but you get the idea. You should definitely check out the link to the island house, it's absolutely gorgeous. And, who wouldn't want to live in a treehouse, just because? 

I've always been fascinated by tree houses in particular. When I was younger I used to watch Extreme Homes on HGTV. They feature all kinds of unusual houses like these, and I remember one episode (though maybe it was different program) where they talked exclusively about amazing tree homes around the world. 

I sure hope I'm not the only weirdo thinking about the perfect post-zombie apocalypse house. Let me know I'm not alone! :)


*I do not have a source for this photo, I just found it on Google image search....

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  1. http://www.offgridworld.com/zombie-fortress/