simple crafts: diy lampshade

 When I first moved to my current apartment, I didn't even have a lamp. Then it was summer and the days were still getting longer, so I still had an hour or so of daylight after I got home from work. But it was kind of downer not being able to do anything that required light after 8pm. I was given this lamp, but the shade had broken a long time ago so for a while it was basically just a light bulb on a stick. Pretty harsh.
Somewhere along the lines, I got the idea for this ridiculously simple lampshade! I made it out of watercolor paper and brads. I bought these colorful brads for another project and already had the paper on hand, so this lampshade was free and I put it together in about five minutes.
 I used two pieces of paper for mine, but it'll depend on what size shade you need. I cut the paper out of the spiral bound pad and left the rough edge. I like the way it looks when the lamp is lit. Then I simply cut the paper so that it would overlap evenly by about an inch on the front and back of the shade. The width of my paper was already the right size for my shade (it's wrapped lengthwise). I pre-punched the holes with a darning needle, to make pushing the brads through the thick paper easier. I didn't measure, I just tried to space the holes evenly. I pinned the paper together in place with the brads. Any brads will do. If you're really handy, you could even stitch on buttons!

This idea is so simple and easy to put together, I can't believe it didn't come to me sooner. I love this shade and it's been working out great!

Peace & love,


  1. Looks adorable! The paper doesn't get too hot?

    1. Hi there!

      On my particular lamp, the paper is three or four inches from the bulb and doesn't get hot at all.

      But that's an excellent point to bring up! One should certainly use caution making a shade like this, and assess whether or not it was safe with the kind of lamp/light bulb they are using.

      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I love this lampshade, but what I am particularly interested in is your plant in a jar. Can you tell me how you set those up? It looks like succulents, but what did you use for soil and have they lasted long in the jar? Thanks!

    1. Hey Melissa!!

      I did a post about the terrarium a little bit ago, here's the link :)

      Thanks for reading!!