burlap wreath tutorial & GIVEAWAY!!!

**This giveaway has ended**

I'm so excited for this, the first l'élan jolie giveaway! First however, we should get to the tutorial :)
Here are the materials you're going to need: burlap, a wire wreath, silk flowers and greenery (optional, as
you can see, I didn't end up using the ivy), a glue gun, embroidery floss and (though pictured is a bobby pin) a darning needle.
1. & 2. You can buy burlap in several different ways. I got mine from Michael's. They had wide rolls and thinner rolls. The first time I made this wreath, I got three of the thinner rolls at $8 a piece. This time I got two of the wider rolls at $14.00 a piece, thinking they would get me through two wreaths, but they absolutely didn't and I wouldn't get it again. I recommend the $8 one, definitely. It's easier to use, and not so messy. If you do get the wider one, however, you have to cut it into 4"-5" strips. 
3. Start by pulling a section of the burlap strip through from the bottom of the wreath frame, near one of the joints, starting on the inner ring. Do not pull the end all the way through, just make a loop.
4. & 5. & 6. Continue onto the next ring, and the next, twisting as you go, to secure. 
7. Make sure that your loops are relatively even and look full.
8. As you finish your first three loops, make the fourth in the center ring, then the innermost ring, then the center ring, then the outermost ring, working your way along the frame, pushing the loops together as you go. If you find one area is looking neglected, put a loop there. After you get going, there are no real rules about where to place your loops. 
Here is what your wreath should be looking like once it gets going. It can get frustrating at first, but if you find you don't like the way it's turning out, take a break, take it apart and try again. 
Here's what the back will look like. What I haven't pictured here is how to secure the burlap to the frame once you're finished filling it in. I couldn't find my darning needle (I've only got the one, for some reason), which is why there's a picture of a bobby pin instead of a needle. But it's pretty simple. Zig-zag along the back the  of the frame with your darning needle, pulling your thread or your floss through the material and securing it to the frame as you go. There's no right or wrong way to do this, as long as it's secure, because no one is going to see it, anyway.
Once you've finished securing your burlap, position your flowers how you'd like them to be. The first time I made this wreath, I was nervous about gluing them down, so I left the flowers set on the top for a few days to see if I really liked it before finally gluing them. 

Hot glue your flowers to the wreath and voila! You're done :)

To win this wreath, post a note in the comments*! Be sure you include your name! I will be announcing the winner on Friday, December 13.

If you do not include a way for me to reach you in your comment, your entry will be disqualified!

Good luck!!


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  1. Can family enter to win? It's beautiful Aimee and you are a very talented woman. Be proud, I am.

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    1. Thank you!

      but please be aware that if you do not leave your name or a way to be reached, you will not be entered for this giveaway! How can I draw your name if I don't know it? :)

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