my dream bathroom

I didn't even realize until researching this post that I really love the use of turquoise in a bathroom. I also love perfectly clean white, and bright yellow. 

I'm a tub lounger so the bathroom needs to be a happy place where I can soak and light candles and read novels in a pleasant, relaxing environment. Preferably in a claw-footed tub.
All photos from Design Sponge, except the turquoise bathroom on the bottom, which is from here.
Actually, the claw-footed tub is an absolute must. 

I picked out a few items that would look nice as turquoise accents in a white or yellow bathroom. I love, in particular, the chandelier. Who doesn't want to sit in a hot tub beneath a fancy, yet rustic, chandelier? 
Soap dish, chandelier, toothbrush holder
I believe bathroom should be a clean, sacred place. Free from stress and worry and dirt. One day, I'll have a bathroom big enough to turn around in and the people I live with will dry themselves off before they step out of the tub.

Until then, as always, I fantasize.


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