etsy love: jewelry edition

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I've been getting a little bored with my jewelry lately. I only own a couple of rings and one of them looks a little cheap (and turns my finger green), one of them is my class ring from high school (I think we all only wore ours maybe the first day we got them. In hindsight the whole class ring thing seems like a bit of a scam. Sorry Mom and Dad!) and then I have a little opal ring my sister gave me for Christmas one year that I love but only wear sometimes.

I have a lot of bracelets but I haven't bought any new ones in a while and I'm not really a necklace person. I have one I wear a lot, my locket, and one Tom gave me for Christmas, and a little pearl necklace for fancier affairs.

Some cute baubles on Etsy have caught my eye. I know that scarf is not jewelry but it's been on my mind for ever. Perhaps it's time to update my collection?

And can we just talk about that gorgeous feather bangle for a second? Made by Rosella Resin which I've posted about before. How magnificent is it? I want it. So. Bad. I love all of their items. They're so beautiful. I've been thinking about picking out one of the rings to buy for myself. The two things keeping me from doing so are a.) the money and b.) I do not know my ring size.

And c.) how could I ever just choose one?!

Decisions, decisions.


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