happy valentine's day!

I love Valentine's Day--and not just because I have an amazing boyfriend.

I've seen a lot of people this week, shaming couples for being happy on Valentine's Day and I think that's sad.

I have spent my fair share of Valentine's Days alone and I'll admit that it's great to have someone to go on a date with, but that's not all it should be about.

There are so many different kinds of love. Valentine's Day should be about celebrating all of those kinds in your life.

For instance, I always try to send my sister and niece a Valentine's Day card and a few little gifts (. . . okay, so I haven't sent them yet this year. . . . But I WILL). I've been doing that the last few years, so even when I haven't had a Valentine of my own, I still had someone for whom I could express my love :)

Growing up, our parents always got us little gifts. They would be on the kitchen table in the morning when we woke up. Little stuffed animals or bags of Hershey Kisses.

So, whether you are in a relationship or not, who cares? Celebrate the love you have for friends and family!

It's all about LOVE! Not strictly boyfriends, or girlfriends.

And I mean, Tom really wins Valentine's Day, but not all boyfriends do. I've found in the past that sometimes a V-Day with a romantic partner can be more disappointing than being on my own! Anyone with me on that?

Happy Valentine's Day!


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