what to wear while exploring

 This crazy winter weather we've been having in New York this week is making me stir crazy for summer. Especially summer in Maine. Summers exploring the countryside were the tops. It's been a while since I've got to go exploring like that and winter is not the right time of year for it, anyhow.

At least I haven't had poison ivy in recent years. That is a horrible possible side effect of exploration and last time I had it, we were legit worried I could lose my foot (no lie! I had to go to the hospital and everything).

Our vacation spot in the DR is right next door to a national park. I'm not sure if we'll be able to get into it, but I'm hoping we'll get to do some exploring outside of the resort and really hoping some of that could be in the jungle! (The truth is, neither of us is sure what to expect yet.)

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When exploring, comfy clothes are a must, of course, along with good sturdy sneaks or hikers and a backpack for snacks, water, insect repellant and if you like to climb rocks and trees, probably a first aid kit! :) I love climbing on things, but I'm super clumsy.

I posted about this little backpack before. I just received it last week and I LOVE it. It'll be perfect for carrying around my camera since my camera backpack is in Maine, and is also pretty big for taking on little excursions. I like having a backpack more than a purse. It's way more practical and easier on my shoulders. I'm thinking about eventually getting this pack in different colors, since they have a million!

All of the above are examples of similar things I'll be bringing along for our trip. Luckily I've already got these things so I don't have to spend more money buying new stuff :)


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