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Maybe it's because is freezing in my office, or because I was awake until 2am after drinking my first coffee in two months at four in the afternoon yesterday. Such a bad idea!

Maybe it's because, even though it was beautiful when I came to work, it is now drizzling and dark.
socks, sweater, top, mug, scarf, book
Whatever the cause, I am feeling a little down and a little sleepy today.

I really just want to be someplace warm and cozy, snuggly, with some tea and reading a good book.

Don't you?

Right now I am reading The Child in Time by Ian McEwan, who you may know, also wrote Atonement. I love the way he writes. He's very wordy and a little dry, but I like that. He really gets into the psychology of the characters, too, which I love. His characters are so believable and alive.

I would much rather be in my room at home curled up with my book.

Alas, c'est la vie. I had a long weekend which I enjoyed very much, so I should just be happy with that, no? :)


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