heart patch & embroidered blanket

I meant to have this up by Valentine's Day, as you might've already guessed, but it just didn't happen.

No worries though! There's always next year :)
I picked up this plain fleece blanket at Ikea for a few bucks. I think it was actually like, $3. Super cheap! The red felt I got from Michael's.
I attached the heart patches with variously colored embroidery floss and I loved the way the other side of the blanket looked so much that I added a few embroidered heart without the felt patches. This would be a cute gift for a young one. It would be a great project for a kiddo (with supervision of course!).
I think I may, over time, add more heart patches and embroidered hearts, as I have time to do so. There's plenty of space left, so why not fill it up? :)
A super simple and sweet project for a gift to a loved one or yourself!


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